Like many men, I thought that being a good husband meant working hard and providing financial security and a good standard of living. What I did not understand, until I read Maggie’s book, was that by working long hours and working weekends, evenings, and public holidays, together with business trips away from home, I was not giving the emotional security my wife was looking for. Instead, she found this by developing a relationship outside our marriage. I was shaken to the core when she told me that she had stopped loving me and was seeing another man.

Maggie’s book helped me understand what I was doing wrong. I quickly understood that it was me that was wrong and I had pushed my wife into what she had done. Maggie’s personal guidance (by email and online counseling) helped me to understand what our marriage needed and helped change my lifestyle. Maggie, with her insight and guidance, also helped my brain from going into emotional meltdown. My lifestyle change is not dramatic, I still work hard, but I have developed a work/home balance. For example, instead of coming home and going straight to my home office I spend time talking to my wife and helping her prepare dinner. I use modern technology like phone conferencing to cut down my trips. My customers now do not always come first, but none have complained. Thanks to Maggie, I am happy, my wife is happy, and I feel like a teenager in love again!

When I met Maggie, I thought I was broken. I’d had sexual challenges since I was 15 years old and now, as a 33 year old, it was at a point where not only had I convinced myself that I just wasn’t a sexual person, but I had also convinced myself that intimacy was basically impossible for me.

From the time I walked in to see Maggie until now…well, things could not have changed more in 8 months. Sometimes, you need someone who can start by telling you how normal the things you are feeling are, so you can get past the shame and guilt anyone who feels they’re not satisfying their partner would feel, and find the clear mind needed to start to really realize what is going on.

With me, it was simply that I was with the wrong person, like I always had been, and not understanding that I am a complex individual who may not be able to be attracted to anything apart from the right person for me. Maggie always continued to remind me why looking at things from a positive perspective is always half of the battle itself. She helped me build the extreme confidence that I need to simply “sit back and watch life unfold” and reminded me that love, sex, and intimacy are so important that doing the work needed to maintain it is almost as important as finding a partner who understands the work needed to build and maintain a mind-blowing relationship. 

When you get it right, it really is worth every second of hard work put into it, and I will no longer settle for anything in my life other than “rock solid love.” It is so amazing to truly know every relationship I have for the rest of my life will just be better and better because of what I now know!

I know I will follow Maggie’s career always, and I hope to be able to call her a friend forever, as forever is how long my gratitude to her will last!

I would recommend Maggie to anyone. For quite some time, I have been researching for someone who would be real, fair, who wouldn’t take sides…someone who would not be influenced by a person’s financial status.  My spouse and I have spoken to over five different marriage counselors, and Maggie is the first one to validate what I had been experiencing during my relationship.   For this, I am truly grateful. Maggie, you are a blessing to the world.  Keep up the good work.

We have all heard about the Dog Whisperer, so it should be no surprise that there would be a Couples Whisperer. Ms. Maggie is just that person. She helps you understand your partner and learn to hear, rather than listen to, the message behind what they are saying. She helps put certain behaviors in perspective, as she explains that some reactions are just biological reactions and not actions to be taken personally. Maggie’s down-to-earth nature and easy style helps set the right atmosphere for discussing issues that may not be easy to discuss without becoming upset. She helps dismiss fears and expectations that we must have a perfect relationship, and helps you understand that some behaviors are just a normal aspect of growing and understanding each other while in a relationship. At the end of a session, you are encouraged, hopeful, and strengthened. My husband and I can attest to both feeling comfortable with her because she accepts us both as individuals and pays attention to our unique personalities, not confining us to ancient social norms. Ms. Maggie is your guardian to steer you through relationship difficulties.

Maggie has been a wonderful friend, teacher, and guide. The last couple years of my life have been a whirlwind of emotion, confusion, and learning about me – especially with regard to my sexuality. I went to Maggie when I began to explore my bisexuality, and she helped me to accept myself and overcome my questions, confusions, and fears.
It’s been two years, and I still go to Maggie for advice because the questions never end. I love her so much for always being there for me and helping me grow into the woman I am. It was nerve-racking, and still is at times, but I’m proud of me, Colleen, in my sexuality.
Thank you, Maggie, for everything!

Maggie’s compassion and insightfulness has provided me with tremendous support through recent struggles. Her positive guidance and attentiveness helped me to actively seek solutions to my problems. Her subtle way of allowing me to self-realize helped me to create positive change in my life. If you are serious about making a positive change or moving to another level in your relationship or personal life, work with Maggie. You won’t regret it. Thank you Maggie!

It is your great listening ear and brilliant guidance that has completely restored my true self, otherwise hampered by life’s experiences. You taught me how to open myself up to the world and allow opportunity to abound. I followed your advice and welcomed in LOVE…and I found it – a Rock Solid LOVE!