“What I love about Maggie is that she is committed to talking about that daring conversation. She doesn’t ask for permission, and I’m grateful for that. Maggie connects people with their inner little girl and the love they have for the people in their lives. Her ability to move an audience with powerful stories and poetry makes her a lovely, lovely, lovely speaker.”

Lisa Nichols
Transformational Speaker, Breakthrough Specialist
CEO Motivating The Masses

Transformational Speaker, Author, and Intimacy Specialist Maggie Bain slams the textbook shut and pulls the curtains (and the covers!) back on her own love life to show audiences how to make theirs rock solid and hot. She approaches an often taboo conversation with the lightness and intensity of someone who is unwilling to allow relationships to remain anything less than extraordinary, and yet doesn’t take life too seriously. Intimate personal stories and thought- provoking insights mesmerize audiences – moving them between tears and laughter and leaving them uplifted, hopeful, and equipped to transform their love lives from ‘ho-hum’ to extraordinary.


“Maggie has the ability to open up the soul of an audience. The connection created and the wisdom that pours forth is nothing short of miraculous. She is authentic, brilliant, and a true transformational agent of change – always surprising audiences with her keen vision, discernment, and unique vantage point.”

Jan Goss, Award Winning Speaker, Author and CEO/founder of Civility Consulting

Keynote Presentations Include

5 Ways to Create Rock Solid Love

Is your life so hectic that making time for your relationship – or finding one – feels impossible? It’s hard to make life slow down, but you can use simple strategies to shift your love life from ‘ho-hum’ to extraordinary and enhance your joy now.

Embrace Coupledom and Rock Your Duet

Do you yearn for rock solid coupledom, and worry that you cannot get your relationship back on solid ground? With the understanding of your partner’s most basic needs, you can rebuild your foundation, become each other’s rock, and rock your duet again.

Rocket Launch Your Intimacy with Play and Passion

Has your passion dwindled to a smolder, or been extinguished altogether, leaving one or both of you craving the excitement you felt when you met? It’s time to rekindle the heat, rocket launch your passion, deepen the intimacy, and build an exciting repertoire of sexual play.

Partial List of Clients/Past Events

  • Matters of The Heart Relationship Building Event
  • Best Choice Mixer Event
  • Bahamas at Sunrise
  • The Bureau for Women’s Affairs and the National Women’s Advisory Council
  • Global Leadership (Motivating The Masses)
  • Barry University, Florida
  • Kiwanis
  • Toastmasters
  • Rotary
  • Island FM
  • Guardian Radio
  • Gems Radio
  • ZNS Radio

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