Love On The Rock

Relationship and Intimacy Specialist Maggie Bain slams the textbook shut and pulls back the curtains (and the covers!) on her own relationship to show you the real secrets to making yours rock solid and hot. Intimate personal stories and thought-provoking insights make it easy to identify the limiting beliefs and behaviours that keep your love life hedged in the “ho-hum”, and then transform it into an extraordinary experience for you and our partner.


You will learn how to:

  • Embrace Coupledom and Rock Your Duet
  • Make Your Partner Feel Like a Rock Star
  • Rock the Boat and Still Express Yourself with Authenticity
  • Rocket Launch Your Intimacy with Play and Passion

The book is available to download as part of the Ruby and Diamond membership packages. You can also buy an e-book or physical copy on Amazon.


“Maggie Bain’s Love On The Rock is one of those books that opens up the heart and mind to whole new dimensions. Get ready to laugh, cry, and be transformed as the simple truth concerning love penetrates your thought processes and leaves you forever changed.”

Jan Goss
CEO, Civility Consulting

“Maggie’s transparency and thought-provoking candor in Love On The Rock will rekindle your love for life and arouse passion in your relationship.”

Patti Waterbury
BS Eliminator, Founder of Creative Growth Strategies

“Maggie, where were you during my marriage? This information is the antidote for divorce. It is wonderful. You are truly a blessing for sharing so much of yourself.”

Dr. Lucille Farrell-Scott
Author of Being More Than Conqueror: Surviving Single Parenthood

“Maggie Bain has written an important and inspiring book that is desperately needed by so many people. Her writing is engaging from beginning to end as she shares her stories and wisdom. For anyone wanting to have an extraordinary relationship, this is a must read.”

Lynn Robinson
Founder, The Robinson Group Training and Consulting Corp. Co-Founder, Life Without Regrets

“Maggie Bain’s book is yummy! She dives into the full aspect of bringing sexuality back into a relationship with more SIZZLE AND TINGLE than you can imagine. But she also gives the practical, solid, foundational aspects of building and rekindling an intimate relationship to make it LAST.

Every word charges into broken down sexual areas where many couples suffer and find themselves paralyzed. This book inspires action to bring  the relationship back to life and joy! We highly recommend it for couples on (or off) the rocks!”

Dr. Scott and Shannon Peck
Bestselling Authors,!The Love You Deserve: A Spiritual Guide to Genuine Love

“Maggie Bain’s book Love On The Rock: Take Your Love Life from ‘Ho-Hum’ to Extraordinary is inspiring, eye-opening, and truly thought-provoking. This is a must read for anyone who wants to find love, reinvigorate their love life, or simply add a little more flame on an already smoldering fire.”

Caterina Rando
Founder, THRIVE Publishing

“Wow! A self-help book on relationships and intimacy that is definitely not dry or tedious! Erotic and tantalizing to the emotions, Maggie’s choice of words, examples, and exercises awakens the hungry reader and makes us want to be more, do more, and get more…to make every moment in our romantic relationship truly delicious! Enjoy this book and your love life forever!”

Barbara Arnold-Herzer, R.N., L.M.T.
Healing Bodies, Empowering Lives

“Maggie’s book Love On The Rock spoke to me the way God does. It is so loving and gentle, and yet it called me into accountability. I realized I had let the comfort and ease of my marital relationship lull me into inattention. I found tears slipping out of my eyes and down my cheeks, drawing me to once again focus on, rejuvenate, and fascinate my rock – whom I affectionately call ‘My Rick.’”

Pastor Tami
Founder of Hungry Hearts 4 God, Author of Glory to Glory: The Tale of a Hungry Heart

“I loved reading this! It is delicious, thrilling, and sensual, and yet maintains mature and sensible practicality. Even though my husband and I are perfectly, happily, romantically honeymooning, even after 42 years, your suggestions are wellappreciated. Yes, we can be more spontaneous and playful with each other. Yes, we can express our love to each other more often and more creatively. Yes, we can put more passion and excitement into our relationship. Thank you for your divinely
refreshing, love-kindling ideas.”

Michiyo Ambrosius, Ph.D.
Bestselling author, Living Proof