Private Session Consent



Rock Solid Love (“RSL”) Private Session Work is designed to be a safe place for you to talk about any personal issues you choose to explore. Please know that whatever is discussed in session is legally held as private and confidential. This means that RSL will not divulge anything to anyone except in either of the following conditions:

a) You give permission for information to be shared with another, such as a health-care professional who is providing you treatment.

b) You disclose something that is legally required to be reported to the authorities. For example, child abuse, elder abuse, or when a client poses a threat to herself/himself or others.


RSL Private Session Work is most effective when you are an active partner in the process, so please know that feedback and questions are welcome at any time. Participation may result in benefits including, but not limited to: reduced stress and anxiety; a decrease in negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors; improved interpersonal relationships; increased comfort in social, work, and family settings; increased capacity for intimacy; increased self-confidence and ability to experience life more fully; and deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance. Such benefits may require substantial effort on your part, including active participation in the therapeutic process, honesty, and a willingness to change feelings, thoughts, and behaviors as needed. There is no guarantee that Private Session Work will yield any or all of the benefits listed above.


RSL Private Session Work may involve uncomfortable and difficult discussions about  feelings and experiences, and may evoke strong emotions, including anger, sadness, and fear. During the therapeutic process, many clients find that they may feel worse before they feel better. This is generally a normal course of events. Personal growth and change may be easy and swift at times while slow or frustrating at other times. You may also, at times, feel conflicted about attending sessions. If this is the case, RSL urges you to bring up your concerns so that they can be addressed. The process may also result in unanticipated outcomes, such as changes in personal or career relationships and goals. Please be aware that any decisions about your relationships, personal life, or work life are your responsibility.


Completion of Therapy:


The length of your session work depends on the specifics of your situation and the progress you are making. As you approach the completion of your goals, RSL will discuss with you a plan for transitioning out of Private Session Work.


If at any time it becomes clear to the RSL professional therapist that you are not benefitting from your planned scope of work, we are ethically bound to stop treating you.  Where applicable, referrals to other professional treatment programs will be provided.  


Should you choose to end your Private Session Work prior to the completion of the program, RSL generally recommends a final visit to facilitate a positive termination experience and allow everyone an opportunity to reflect on the work that has been done.


Fees and Cancellation Policy:


Customised Sessions are to be paid on-line prior to the appointment day, in order for you to receive  instructions via email on how to connect with the call.


If you need to reschedule an appointment, please email with Subject line saying ‘Reschedule Appointment’, at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise you will be charged for the missed session since Rock Solid Love will not be able to fill the appointment time on short notice.


Rock Solid Love Availability:

Between sessions, you may contact Maggie by email Subject line saying ‘Client: <your name>’. You should expect a reply with instructions within five business days.


However, if this is an emergency, and you are unable to get satisfactory help, then Rock Solid Love suggests that you contact your regular physician or visit your nearest emergency room/services.


Please read and acknowledge that you have reviewed and fully understand this agreement.